Ingenieurbüro Müller & Lobisch

  • non-linear FE calculation, structural design
  • planning and advice
  • Flatness measurement of industrial floors using the 3D laser process
  • Quality assurance and quality management during construction
  • Appraisals and damage analyses

Our company specializes, among other things, in the planning, dimensioning and quality monitoring of structures made of concrete, reinforced concrete and steel fiber reinforced concrete. We would be happy to advise you on the basis of current standards and guidelines for both national and international construction projects. Due to our many years of experience and the constant further development of our areas of responsibility, we can provide you with qualified and comprehensive support.

Building materials testing laboratory Müller & Lobisch

  • Determination of performance classes of steel fiber reinforced concrete
  • site surveillance
  • fresh concrete tests
  • hardened concrete tests
  • structural inspections
  • Chemical investigations
  • soil surveys

Your building materials testing laboratory: certified and versatile

The building materials testing laboratory, which has been awarded the Concrete Testing Center W, can carry out the determination of compressive strength, flexural strength and water impermeability on test specimens produced in molds and on drill cores with certification. As a further certification, Müller & Lobisch has the VMPA recognition as a concrete testing agency. Here you can rely on an excellent specialist.

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