We are both a building material testing laboratory and an engineering office specializing in the testing and design of steel fiber reinforced concrete. Through many years of experience with this special building material, we offer

  • Economic analysis of industrial floors
  • Elaboration of concrete technology concepts
  • Static design of concrete components (unreinforced concrete, steel fiber concrete, reinforced concrete, combined reinforcement) according to Eurocode 2 and the DAfStb guideline “steel fiber concrete”
  • Optimization of industrial panels
  • Development of after-treatment concepts
  • Damage analysis or cause determination on the structure / inventory
  • Elaboration of rehabilitation concepts
  • Preparation of expert opinions / damage reports



  • construction-related consultancy
  • Advice on individual design problems in concrete construction (reinforced concrete, steel fiber concrete)
  • Training / lectures on Eurocode 2 (DIN EN 1992-1-1) in connection with the “steel fiber reinforced concrete” guideline from the DAfStb