Be on the safe side and have the fresh concrete test carried out by an expert

The fresh concrete test is one of the standard test procedures that you, as a building contractor, have carried out. In order to guarantee reliable results here, we are at your disposal as experts with many years of experience, extensive specialist knowledge and modern technical possibilities. Rely on the engineering office and concrete testing laboratory Müller & Lobisch GmbH for the fresh concrete test and rely on a contact person who will always find targeted and economical solutions for you.

Fresh concrete test: Determination of the consistency, air void content and sedimentation tendency

Fresh concrete is concrete that has already been mixed but still needs to be processed and compacted. The composition of the concrete has a decisive influence on the workability, which framework of the fresh concrete test is examined. We determine whether conveying, placing and compacting the concrete is possible. Subsequently (usually 28 days after production), the required hardened concrete properties are examined.

Our fresh concrete test takes all relevant factors into account. We determine the fresh concrete temperature, the slump, the degree of compaction of the fresh concrete, the air void content (using the pressure method), the slump and the fresh concrete bulk density. In addition, as part of the fresh concrete test, the slump flow, the flow time t500, the outlet funnel flow time and flowability, the sedimentation stability in the sieve test, the degree of blocking tendency, the slump in the blocking ring test and the flow time t500J in the blocking ring test can be determined, all on SCC.

The possibilities of our fresh concrete testing also include the production and storage of cubes, cylinders, bending beams and prisms. On request, we can also determine the steel fiber content in the fresh concrete (washout test) and the w/c value of a fresh concrete sample (dry drying test).

Do you have questions about fresh concrete testing? Then contact our office, you can contact our office. We are a competent and helpful partner for your construction project.

Fresh concrete testing, hardened concrete testing and numerous other services

Our engineering office and building material testing laboratory offers numerous other services for your construction project in addition to testing fresh concrete. A hardened concrete test or the dimensioning of steel fiber concrete is also possible, e.g. for concrete industrial floors. It doesn’t matter whether you order a flatness measurement or want advice from our specialists on the subject of industrial flooring: we will always find an individual and, above all, needs-based solution for you and your project.

Do you still have questions about the hardened concrete test or about other services and topics (e.g. dynamic plate load test or testing the statics of steel fiber concrete)? Then contact us by e-mail or telephone. We are also personally available to you on site in our company.