Dynamic plate load test: The fast and reliable compaction test

Numerous inspections and tests are necessary for a construction project. Especially in the field of soil testing, accurate data helps to successfully plan and implement your project. A dynamic plate load test is a simple and quick compaction test that you can use to determine the load-bearing capacity of soil. In order to get accurate results, you should choose a specialist for this test.

As a building material testing laboratory and engineering laboratory, Müller & Lobisch GmbH is at your disposal with numerous services. A dynamic plate load test is one of our core services in the field of soil testing. With many years of experience, specialist knowledge and modern technology, we are at your side.

Dynamic plate load test: Perfect for earthwork or pipeline construction

A dynamic plate pressure test quickly provides information about the load-bearing capacity of a floor. The special compaction test is therefore particularly useful in road and pipeline construction or in the construction of industrial floors made of concrete . With the implementation, the compaction quality of the installed layers is precisely assessed. This is already possible during the installation phase.

The dynamic plate load test right at the beginning of the construction work makes sense. If you only have the installation layers checked towards the end of your earthwork work, you may have to reckon with high costs that will arise if you remove and reinstall. A timely dynamic plate load test significantly reduces this risk.

In contrast to a static plate load test, a dynamic plate load test is particularly quick to carry out. The test only takes a few minutes and is therefore far more time-saving than the static test, which can take up to half an hour. Another advantage results from the associated dynamic load plate, which allows the compaction test to be carried out in places that are difficult to access. A dynamic plate load test can also be carried out without any problems in narrow shafts, pipe trenches or backfilling.

A dynamic plate load test enables comprehensive checks

With a dynamic plate pressure test, a construction site can be checked for a homogeneous compaction quality across the board instead of just carrying out a selective check of the compaction. After a successful plate load test, the results of the measurement can be evaluated quickly and on site.

As your building material testing laboratory, we are not only your contact when it comes to dynamic plate load tests. We plan and monitor the construction of industrial floors, check the statics of steel fiber reinforced concrete components and are experts in fresh concrete tests and hardened concrete tests.

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