Your reliable experts for the design of steel fiber concrete / steel fiber concrete components

The correct dimensioning of steel fiber concrete components is a basic requirement for smooth use and longevity of the component. To ensure full security, it is important to rely on an experienced expert. As a specialist for building material testing, the engineering office Müller & Lobisch GmbH is your competent partner.

The calculation of the statics of steel fiber concrete components is one of our core services. Numerous builders, general contractors, concrete works, experts, construction companies, engineering offices and building authorities trust in the reliable work and advice of our company.

The building materials testing laboratory Müller & Lobisch GmbH is run by engineers who find and implement targeted and economical solutions for your building projects. Not only in the design of steel fiber concrete, but also in all of the test methods we offer, such as the fresh concrete test or the dynamic plate load test , we rely on the latest technology and expertise.

Indispensable: The correct structural design of steel fiber concrete

The statics of steel fiber concrete components can only be calculated by an expert and so we are at your disposal as a building material testing laboratory.

The so-called composite material steel fiber concrete is created from the basic building material concrete in combination with steel fibers. It is a homogeneous building material to which steel fibers have been added to improve certain properties. Steel fiber concrete is extremely resilient, and the material behavior can be positively influenced under compressive, tensile and bending stress. This enables a wide range of applications for steel fiber concrete in construction. The design of steel fiber reinforced concrete components affects numerous construction projects and requires special knowledge and technical test methods.

As a specialist in the design of steel fiber concrete, we provide you with reliable results. We are always available to answer your questions and ensure that you are on the safe side with your building project. We would also be happy to calculate dimensions for you and carry out studies on the cost-effectiveness of your steel fiber concrete.

Dimensioning of steel fiber concrete and many other services

In addition to calculating the statics of steel fiber concrete components, numerous other services are available to you via our building material testing laboratory. We offer comprehensive advice, including on the subject of industrial floors made of concrete . The flatness measurement is also one of the core services of our company. No matter what it is: We will find suitable solutions for you and offer you extensive support in planning, economic analysis and the development of concrete technology concepts.

We not only calculate the statics of steel fiber concrete components, but also of other concrete components, such as e.g. B. unreinforced concrete and reinforced concrete. The basis for the design is Eurocode 2 and the “steel fiber reinforced concrete” guideline from the DAfStb.

Simply contact our office and let us inform you about numerous other services.